Wired Valentine

Valentine’s Day, the time for a special something for your special someone.
Whether you celebrate Valentine’s with all bells and whistles or you use the day to give handmade pieces to your favorite friends.
Working with wire is a lot of fun making extraordinary gifts using wire of different shapes and colors.

For you I bend a long thin wire
A piece so delicate and fine
Weave in my passion and my desire
A heart appears for my lovely Valentine
(for my cariño)

Valentine’s Day gives us the chance to remember how much we love the people in our lives. And nothing says it better than handcrafted bits and pieces, like delicate-looking earrings or a metal wired heart puzzles to play around with.


Happy Valentine’s Day my friends!

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New Year’s Concert of Wirework

Do you watch the fabulous New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic?

Annually at the New Year the world-famous orchestra presents a program consisting of the lively and nostalgic music from the vast repertoire of the Strauss family and its contemporaries.

Inspired by these colorful and sensitive “Sound of the Spheres” I created my new wire puzzle ‘compositions’.

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Concert of Wire Puzzles

As music instruments perform splendid melodies for entertainment, my wirework carries out unique handmade brain teasers – metal wire puzzles to stimulate your logic and creative thinking.

With my new creations I want to send people all over the world a New Year’s greeting in the spirit of hope, harmony and peace!

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Carol of Wire

Do you smell the flavor of homemade cookies coming up from the kitchen?
Christmas is just around the corner.
My studio is full with bits and pieces in the traditional colors associated with Christmas.

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Earrings for Christmas

Beads in glorious white – connected with purity and peace.
And parts in twinkling green – the color that represents nature, life and eternity.
Luminous red pearls – like the alluring apples on the paradise tree.
All these tiny beauties captured in sparkling silver wire assemble my ‘Carol of Wire’!

Celebrate Christmas in harmony and let us feel love and magic everywhere. Keep the spirit throughout the year!

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Virtuosity in Wire

virtuositySolving riddles always had been a lot of fun for me. Especially metal wire puzzles caught my attention. Not only the solving but also the designs and different patterns.

So why not sit down, grab my pliers and a length of wire to face a new challenge – forming wire puzzles! Various gauges and different metals always offer new possibilities.
More and more I am completely immersed in this work of art.

Follow me on a creative journey through my world of wire!

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